Grace Baptist Church

A Reformed Baptist Church

Mission: Zambia

In 2005 God providentially brought Pastor Isaac Makashinyi to Grace Baptist Church as he attended Reformed Theological Seminary. He served as co-elder with Pastor Winn while he studied for his degree. The bond of love with Grace Baptist Church did not end when he and his family returned to Zambia in 2009. Our church decided to help Pastor Isaac financially as he was called to pastor a church plant north of Lusaka. Then in 2010, twelve of our members traveled to Lusaka, Zambia to help work on their new building and Grace had given Emmasdale Baptist Church funds to help with this work. Our relationship with Emmasdale has been a great encouragement to the members of Grace as we have seen that church plant grow into a strong Church and they recently planted a Mission Church north of Emmasdale. Pastor Isaac Makashinyi returns to Mississippi bi-yearly to share about the work that is being done in Zambia as well as in Africa. Pastor Winn has had the opportunity to visit at Emmasdale Baptist Church in Zambia on four occasions and has been greatly blessed by their kindness and love. We continue to rejoice in God establishing this relationship between our two churches.